Artiste Peintre

I am Gwendoline Spina, artist name SPINA. I was born in 1985. I completed four years of artistic, theoretical and practical training. I do essentially abstract art. The abstraction allows me to better express my feelings in the world of visual art and gives me the freedom to create as close to my heart.This freedom to create as expressed to me both in the diversity of mediums and tools used by the plastic way to transcribe my feelings on canvas. I use the canvas for my work. I use various tools such as brush (hair and back), finger, paper, spray bomb, sponge and all the tools that will allow me to create.

I practice mixed technique, I use various mediums such as acrylic paint, gouache, oil, watercolor, ink, body spray, spray varnish glue, chalk, gypsum powder, water, paper and many others. I use paint, collage, projection and the creation of forms that I use stencil. I try in my work to transcribe my ideas and this is when I create that other ideas come to me for improvement my work.

If I have to summarize in one sentence my philosophy in art, let's talk about Eugene Delacroix
"The novelty is in the mind that creates, not in nature that is painted." Eugène Delacroix.


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